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Canada’s Startup Visa program focuses on recruiting entrepreneurs and innovators to immigrate to Canada and launch their businesses

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Business Plan Solution

Showing your partners a strong business plan helps to explain and communicate the seriousness of the organization.

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Incubation Program

Our competent investment analysts will help you draw up viable maps to update all your investment goals.

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We educate business leaders.


We offer: Start Up Visa ConsultingIncubation ProgramBusiness Plan Solution

Tailored Solution

We have extensive, hands-on experience across PNP and Federal business plan immigration programs, and provide business plan research and writing services to immigration lawyers and consultants.

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Business immigration conference 2022

Business immigration conference 2022

Business immigration conference 2022

Every year, hundreds of Iranian entrepreneurs explore their options for immigrating to Canada through the various existing migration pathways that involve the creation of a new business and job opportunities for Canadians in Canada. In this pursuit, applicants face significant challenges in choosing the right destination and a suitable immigration program. Federal as well as provincial/territorial programs are uniquely designed and have their own specific criteria, and selecting the right path requires a reliable understanding of the Canadian business ecosystem. Whether the applicant wants to start or purchase a small conventional business or is planning to bring their innovative Startup idea to Canada, some fundamental game rules are crucial in creating a successful venture in Canada.

Current Ventures


Industrial Machinery Marketplace

A creative marketplace for industrial machinery, especially electric motors, parts, and services for customers to get the best price and services 


Cactus planting

Develop and culturing a particular type of Cactus family member under laboratory and greenhouse conditions for different purposes.


Dental Booth

An intelligent and automated self-contained dental booth station for dental services throughout the city with the ability to refer the patient to the dentist. 

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