MCIS Summer 2022 Business Immigration Conference

The MCIS Summer 2022 Immigration Conference is an in-person event, which will take place on July 8th, 9th, and 10th, 2022, in Vancouver, Canada.

Every year, hundreds of Iranian entrepreneurs explore their options for immigrating to Canada through the various existing migration pathways that involve the creation of a new business and job opportunities for Canadians in Canada. In this pursuit, applicants face significant challenges in choosing the right destination and a suitable immigration program. Federal as well as provincial/territorial programs are uniquely designed and have their own specific criteria, and selecting the right path requires a reliable understanding of the Canadian business ecosystem. Whether the applicant wants to start or purchase a small conventional business or is planning to bring their innovative Startup idea to Canada, some fundamental game rules are crucial in creating a successful venture in Canada.

This event provides a unique opportunity for Iranian business-class immigrants to meet Canadian business development representatives and support organizations. The convention brings together Government Dignitaries, Canadian Business Support Organizations, Business Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Investors, Incubators, Financial Institutes, Legal Service Providers, Educational Institutes, Marketing Consultants, Technology, and Innovation advisors etc., from across Canada representing diverse fields of business opportunities during this 3-day event.

Besides attending this event to explore investment and entrepreneurship opportunities, you will have a chance to discover Canada’s tourist attractions and realize the high-quality living conditions that play crucial roles for you and your family’s future success and satisfaction.

In addition, this event is an opportunity for Canadian professionals to share their knowledge, experience, achievements, vision, products, and services by collaborating in numerous seminars, panels of programs and educational workshops.

Please contact us to register, collaborate or get more information about the MCIS Summer 2022 Business Immigration Conference.